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Brief Intro.

Established in the early 90’s, HUALE was the first shower products manufacturer in Yuhuan County. We specialize in researching and developing sanitary wares and shower products such as shower head, flexible hose, sliding bar, shower panel, and related accessories.

HUALE products are sold worldwide and successfully cooperated with clients from every big field of the world. For the past 30 years, we’ve been creating healthy bathroom products and seeking for the enjoyment of shower experience.

 We have a 50,000m² workshop, a mould processing centre with more than 70 injection molding machines. Our products proudly won a number of state patents; we have passed TUV, WATERMARK, ACS, LFGB, UPC and inspection of BSCI. We carry out and implement quality management system of ISO9001:2008.

 As an experienced sanitary manufacturer, we believe quality is the most important factor to success. Our mission is to satisfy clients’ requirements and make every HUALE product perfect. We sincerely look forward to being your cooperation partner in the coming future.


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