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  • Using food-grade materials
    Able to use food-grade materials to ensure users health
  • SEDAL Valco
    Our shower panels use the world famouse Seadel Valco, so the quality is guaranteed.
  • Thermostatic Valve
    Thermostatic Mixer gives a constant temperature shower experience.
  • Water-saving Technology
    Withing our stop-on hand shower switch,bathers dont need to control mixers to stop the flow.
  • Air-in Pressure Boost Technology
    With air goes into the water, water bubble come out softly. This technology can saves about 30% water usage and provide the same water pressure.
  • Rotary technology
    Despite the rotation of a hand shower, the hose is still not knotted.
  • New Material
    Using new ABS matrials to inject, insure the product surface finish and users health.
  • Water-powered LED Light
    Water-powered Led offers colorful light. Also, the color changes depend on the water temperature.
  • Water-softening Technology
    It reduces calcium and magnesium content of the water.
  • Multi-function Sprays
    Different sprays: rain, massage jet, mist, waterfall and so on.
  • Corner Installation
    Shower panels can be installed at the corner, so the shower space can be used efficiently.
  • Color Painting
    We are able to offer colourful painted products, and ensure the quality.
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